Use in-store
insights to build
dream sales teams.


Percolata brings together store traffic data, employee schedule info, marketing insights, and more to help you optimize your sales teams and massively improve sales, guaranteed.

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Speed up scheduling

Save countless hours by upgrading from spreadsheets to Percolata’s staff-planning platform.

Get better insights

Percolata’s easy-install sensors give an intricate, holistic view of in-store traffic.

Prepare for anything

By forecasting in-store behavior, Percolata can generate staff schedules to meet demand.

Boost sales by up to 30%

Percolata brings the right people together at the right times, to make more sales happen.

  • Get smarter
    insights from
    better data.

    Our easy-install sensors give you higher quality data—data that gives you smarter insights into your shoppers’ behavior. Whether you use Percolata sensors for free, or those you already have, we can help you make more informed staffing decisions.

  • Build work
    that work.

    Percolata matches store occupancy data with sales associate availability to build smart schedules that work for everyone. And by using the practical dashboard, store managers can compose teams, edit schedules, approve time off and more, all in one place.

  • Give your
    staff greater

    Giving employees the freedom to control their schedule can boost their job satisfaction. That’s why with the Percolata mobile app employees can opt-in to shifts, swap shifts, ask for time off and change their availability in real-time.


  • “It took two weeks to get started and less than a month for Percolata to pay for itself.”

  • “Percolata is our preferred platform for understanding store traffic, conversion rates, and other shopper metrics.”

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Our pay for performance guarantee means that if you schedule a salesperson through Percolata, but there is no store traffic during their shift, you don’t pay for those hours.

Let us show you how Percolata and its tools can help your business boom.


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