Predict In-Store Traffic

Use free traffic counters to track customer count for retail stores and then project traffic going forward.

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Achieve Up to 30% Sales Uplift

We help increase sales and cut costs with autoschedules that eliminate over- and understaffing.

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“Percolata is like our private staff scheduling service—it considers signals in-store and across the web and creates this custom schedule that is bent to the needs of our business”

Performance Across Customers


Increase in revenue with same labor budget

Percolata Performance Across Customers


Increase in average value

14 Years

Manager Scheduling Hours Saved To Date

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Best-in-Class Technology

Percolata's plug-and-play sensors and predictive analytics give the most accurate occupancy rates. Major benefits include saved manager time, increased revenue, and improved customer loyalty.

Easy to Implement.
Instant Impact.

“It took two weeks to get started and less than a month for Percolata to pay for itself. Percolata has delivered amazing results for us, such as growing our monthly revenue by 20.6%.”

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Start staffing your employees smarter and more efficiently today.