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Challenges With In-Store Forecasting

In retail, having the right selling team at all times is difficult. Many in-store traffic forecasting solutions are DIY and use generic models that have to be actively updated to maintain accuracy. Often times, companies lack the internal resources to consistently update the model. This leads to an inaccurate forecast on a hour-to-hour per store basis, which is needed for labor scheduling. Because retailers lack a higher precision forecast, managers are unable to align labor to demand, resulting in a decrease in net promoter scores and labor budget, as well as an increase in store closures.

This is where Percolata's fully managed in-store traffic forecasting service comes in

Demand Forecast


Fully Managed Forecast

We provide stores with a higher precision forecast, which means companies do not have to invest in expensive professional services — we do it all for you!

Decrease Labor Costs

Our traffic model can reliably predict the number of walk-ins, which decreases lost sales and minimizes over and understaffing.

Accurate and Adaptive Forecast

Our recurrent neural network handles non-linear events and weather changes. We also return more accurate prediction results as the data set gets larger.

Accuracy Guarantee

At Percolata, we strive for accuracy. Our forecast is one-third to one-fourth the error rate on hour-to-hour forecasting. We also deliver half the error rate for day to quarter year level forecasting. Typically, companies can see up to a 5 percent decrease in staffing costs, along with a 1 percent revenue increase, with our forecasting service while reducing resources needed to maintain accurate forecasting. With our accuracy guarantee, you only pay for the hours that are forecasted correctly.

Percolata vs. Client Forecast

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