How It Works

Percolata How It Works Existing Employee Schedules

1. Start with your existing employee schedules.

Your store managers already schedule retail employees using time-consuming methods such as pen and paper or spreadsheets.

Percolata How It Works Traffic Counters

2. Add Percolata's free self-installable traffic counters.

Install our plug-and-play sensors yourself to measure in-store customer traffic.

Percolata How It Works Automatic Employee Schedules

3. Automatically generate employee schedules based on forecasted demand.

Percolata combines in-store traffic data with employee availability, website traffic, and POS data in order to forecast future in-store traffic. Percolata then automatically generates schedules for your retail associates using machine learning technology.

Percolata How It Works Sales Uplist and Cut Labor Costs

4. See up to 30% sales uplift and cut labor costs.

See up to 30% sales uplift and cut labor costs by eliminating under- and overstaffing and staffing your best sales associates during peak hours.

Start staffing your employees smarter and more efficiently today.