Traffic Sensors

Percolata's plug-and-play sensors allow easy install and are completely free of charge. The sensors are able to count customer occupancy instead of counting customer in and out counts as many leading competitors do.

Traffic Sensors

Percolata Solutions Traffic Sensors Venn Diagram

Fusion of Multiple Sensors Means Higher Quality Data

Shopper Counts
Conversion Rate
Dwell Time
Frequency of Visits
Removal of Employees
Individual vs Group Shopper

Percolata's sensors use video, audio, and mobile fingerprinting in order to outperform competitors in terms of accuracy and provide additional detail such as shopper dwell time.

Traditional Traffic Counters

Percolata Solutions Traffic Sensors Traditional Counters
Percolata Solutions Traffic LogoPercolata Solutions Traffic Sensors Our Counters
Percolata Solutions Traffic Sensors Metrics

As a result, Percolata's fusion of multiple sensors provides higher quality data for making more efficient staffing decisions.

Error Rate

Store Location Camera Sensors
Mall San Jose 31% 11%
Boutique Palo Alto 22% 6%
Flagship NYC 28% 13%

The plug-and-play feature translates into no upfront costs, cables or servers for retailers. Our sensors can be installed by anyone without tools or expensive hardware.

Percolata Solutions Traffic Sensors Outlets and Mounts
Percolata Solutions Traffic Sensors Ceiling Installation
Percolata Solutions Traffic Sensors Ceiling Mount